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Ken Levy
Artist's Statement

Photo-documentary: Disappearing Legacy: Old Barns of the West
Exhibits &  News of Note 

       As a professional photographer and writer, I relish the challenge of ever-renewing discovery. Capturing the intensity of river rafters wrestling with roaring Class IV rapids, telling the stories of Appaloosa horse breeders, or capturing history before it slips away...is life.
      That life includes keeping track of what's vanishing before our midst. My ongoing historical photo-documentary, Disappearing Legacy: Old Barns of the West, continues to grow with intimate images of magnificent, antique barns -and the vanishing lifestyles they symbolize.
       Many photographs and stories from Legacy are featured in Barn in the U.S.A. by Bob Crittendon. Legacy has been in the Top Five "Barn Photographs" web sites on Google and Yahoo! since 1998.
        As a journalist, I specialize in on-location photography and editorial packages throughout the West, for magazines, newspapers and business. Check out KenLevyMedia.com for examples of my published works, and please contact me for more details about my services.  
       I invite you to visit and bookmark my growing gallery of stock images at Photographer's Art Galleries. You'll find land- and seascapes, unique images from Idaho, wildlife, animal and insect photographs, abstract images and more. Be sure to visit our Collectors Editions page of our most popular images. New work appears regularly.

Exhibits & News of Note
images Ken Levy

       Redfish Lake Creek, Idaho         Ken Levy


Sales Help Idaho Foodbank: Your purchase helps feed the hungry! We're donating 20% of all image sales to the Idaho Foodbank from now on. We pay your shipping and sales tax. Everyone wins, every time you buy. Click here for more details, or contact us. Visit our Collectors Editions page of our most popular images, or browse our galleries at photoartgallery1.com.




Barn Photo Book Out: Noted author Bob Crittendon has  published a marvelous book on ancient barns. Barn in the U.S.A. features more than 15 of our barn photographs - many with brief histories - from our photo- documentary, Disappearing Legacy: Old Barns of the West. It's a fine look at the vanishing old barns that once were icons of the American West. You can order the book through Barnes and Noble here.

2010,  Ken Levy

Sunset of Man: New additions to this photo project are up at Blue Sky Bagel's downtown Boise restaurant. "Sunset of Man" explores the irony of our fondest desires blended with our innermost fears. The images are part of our ongoing exhibit at Blue Sky's original restaurant at 407 W. Main St. in downtown Boise. Open 6:30 - 6 weekdays, 6:30 - 5 Saturdays and 7-4 on Sundays. (208) 388-4242.


Kids' Corner Photos update:  We're enhancing our photo exhibit designed especially for kids at the Blue Sky Bagel restaurant at 3161 Fairview Ave., Meridian, ID. Kids Corner features photographs of  beautiful and unusual animals, old-time trains, whitewater rafting adventures and more. The exhibit is part of our permanent rotating display that features avant garde images, landscapes, wildlife and selections from our acclaimed photo-documentary, Disappearing Legacy: Old Barns of the West.  Open 6 a.m.- 8 p.m. weekdays, 6-6 Saturdays and 7-5 Sundays,  (208) 855-9113.


 Sawtooth Shack, Idaho                  © 2008, Ken Levy 


More Barn Photos:  The latest page of the photo-documentary Disappearing Legacy: Old Barns of the West is  live, and images for Page 8 will be posted soon. Take a walk into the past, and visit our newest page of historical barn photographs. Own a piece of Americana with these fine images. We'll donate 20% of your purchase to the Idaho Foodbank and pay your shipping and sales tax.

PHOTO CRAWL:  Intimate photographic opportunities abound when you turn yourself loose with a camera for a couple of hours. Photo crawls, sponsored by the Idaho Photographic Workshop, explore and enhance photographers' personal visions on location. Visit the IPW web site for information on the next Crawl.


2010, Ken Levy

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